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If I never sell another ounce of CBD, it will be OK because...

I've seen the incredible improvement in my youngest brother who has stage 5 kidney failure and is on peritoneal dialysis. I gave him CBD softgels to sleep better. He said he was tired because he wasn't getting much sleep due to being woken up with horrible leg cramps. The cramps were so bad, the next day he would have trouble walking. It took 10-15 minutes for them to resolve and he would have 3-5 of them per night. He wasn't getting much sleep at all. 10mg of CBD daily not only ended his leg cramps but allowed him to get a good nights sleep and resolved his exhaustion during his work day. But that's not all. He started producing more urine. When going for his monthly testing, his toxin tests were improving. He went from 4 transfers (exchanging fluid into his abdomen) to 2 per day. He felt great. His nurse at the dialysis clinic wanted to know what changed. He told her the only thing that changed was that he had been taking CBD. It's now been about 4 months and has had no severe leg cramps. My brother's success with CBD is the most amazing experience I've had with these products. He's happy and that makes me happy too.

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