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About The Care Village

Community is "a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals".



I'm Joyce and I started this company to help family care givers, initially. I realized, while being a care giver myself, that our health and wellness suffers from the strain of an overburdened life. I found ways to maintain my health but sometimes it was very difficult. I realized that the one thing that was missing was community. I had a work community and personal friends but no one who was in the same place as I was at that time.

I looked at what tools could be used to make my life better. It was difficult to find the information I needed and it took a lot of time. I realized I needed an army of helpers just to find information and resources. I didn't have the time to search endlessly. This is one of the challenges I'd like to solve in The Care Village. If we help one another, whether it be for a care or wellness issue, our time searching is cut in half or better.

One aspect of people helping other people that seemed to be a huge challenge was money. Where do you get the money to hire someone to do something that you can't do yourself? That's when the Care Exchange came to me. If I could help someone with something they needed, maybe someone would also help me with something I needed.  Everyone has a talent they can share. Our care exchange allows people within a care community to exchange time with one another in the community without cost. Read more about it on the Care Exchange page

Quite by accident, I discovered CBD (Cannabidiol). My dog Jazzy, started having seizures when she was 3 years old. After many medications prescribed by a neurologist, I decided to try CBD oil after reading how it helped a little girl named Charlotte in Coloraeo. CBD allowed us to keep Jazzy with us for another 4 years. Now, my 91 year old mother takes CBD daily as do I, my son, and many customers. I use salve and tincture. My son uses Sports cream and salve. Although it's not an FDA approved treatment, it is being considered by congress to be added as a supplement. Hopefully, this will happen by the end of the year.

I'm looking forward to helping us all find the resources we need. I am excited about seeing forums spring up in different communities, online and otherwise that bring us together in a spirit of cooperation and caring.


Be part of our community because it DOES take a village. Help us grow this community of care and compassion. 

I wish you good health, wellness, and happiness.

Joyce Thomas


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