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How to get help for free!

As a family caregiver, there is never enough time or money. How can a caregiver manage all that needs to be done? What if you could get help for free? What if you could offer help to someone and get paid in time, not dollars, for your time. With the Care Exchange, that's what you can do. Just sign up for the Care exchange and either post a request or post a service you're willing to provide. When you join, you're given 1 hour to use immediately. You can post a request for anything. Then members of the community will be notified that you have a request. If someone can fulfill it, they will accept it. Once the service is provided, time is transferred from your time bank account to their time bank account. If you post a service that you can provide, any member may accept that service and you will be paid the time of the service from the person you provide it for. Easy!

Have a neighborhood, church group, school, or a large family? Use the Care Exchange to help those in your community. You can insure that you know the person providing the service by restricting your posts to community members only.

Have questions? Email us at We are happy to help you get started.

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