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The Care Village Community has the help you
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The Care Exchange

The Care Exchange allows members of a community to help others while earning time for themselves. You can offer services to others who will "pay" you in time (hours). Then you can use your time for your needs. It's not necessary to exchange time with the same person as the time goes into your time bank for you to access in the future. It is not a bartering system as bartering involves monetary exchange in a transaction.  Care Exchange members only exchange time. The services may not be related to care giving. An accountant may offer an hour of their time and then bank an hour. The accountant then may need someone to drive a family member to an appointment and could use that hour for that service. The reward hour would be moved to the driver's bank. However, the accountant may also need some handyman work or a hair stylist. The opportunities are endless.


The big take away is to know that your time is banked and can be used for any service offered by anyone in the exchange at any time. Please access the Care Exchange here. You will have an initial time bank of 2 hours that you can begin exchanging with others in your community. Have a neighborhood, church group, or family where you would like your own community? Let me know and I'll set that up for you.

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